The Right And The Drug War By Anthony Gregory

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Annotated Bibliography

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In this article, “The Right & the Drug War,” Anthony Gregory explains the negative effects of prohibition of marijuana has on society. Along with comparison to the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s, he gives some similar problems that stem from this particular prohibition.
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In his article “Legalize It,” Christopher Hitchens talks about we can defeat those drug king pins by simply buying their products. He also talks about decriminalization and how it would take out the lethal impurities from organized crime groups along with decrease in crime itself.
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In this part of an article, “In case you haven't heard...,” Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Weekly talks about some of the financial gains the economy could have with the legalization of medical marijuana.
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In this newspaper article, “Benefits from a marijuana tax? California is dreaming,” Christian Science Monitor talks about the negative effects the legalization of marijuana will have. Including more