The Right Passengers Essay

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The Right Passengers
Integration is an important issue in contemporary politics all around the world. Integration entails issues such as, who and how many should be let into the country, how does these people feel most welcome and, to which degree do they have to adapt the new lifestyle they’re facing. Furthermore, integration leads to a lot of prejudices and lack of understanding from the surroundings as well as of the surroundings. These main issues lead thoroughly to the themes: integration, adaption and prejudices, which Waqar Ahmed depicts in his short story “The Right Passengers” (2008).

The title of the short story, “The Right Passengers”, is mentioned in the text, where Nadeem Riaz is looking for ‘the right passengers’ that
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Furthermore, he doesn’t understand why Faisal’s parents haven’t married him off yet – he doesn’t understand the western culture of which Faisal seems to have adapted.

“So you agree, you are using this place?” “It is a small thing, gentleman, for what I have to tolerate, like activities in the back seat of my taxi,”… (p. 5 l32-133)

Faisal accuses Nadeem Riaz for using the country, which in general is, what many people accuses the immigrants for doing.

“Funny, Nadeem thinks, being in this country – he’s expected to act a certain way, how, exactly, he doesn’t know. He gets scraps, hints, here and there, and, just as he’s about to put the puzzle together, the instructions, the conversations, ends abruptly. So, then, he’ll just continue to do his job.” (p. 5 ll. 151-154)

Nadeem Riaz represents the un-adapted immigrant, who has to tolerate a lot in his life, even though he wants to go back home to Pakistan. He is cross with himself, because he can’t adapt to the culture and the environment of which he is situated. He is longing for Pakistan and the safety it brought to him and his family.

“Gentleman, I am scared one of my children will turn into you when he grows up.” (p. 4 l. 129)

He is full of such hatred against the American society that it affects Faisal, even though it isn’t Faisal as a person he dislikes, but the outside world. He keeps fighting for his culture contrary Faisal, whom Nadeem