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Psychology Article

I chose the article, “The Ringing Ear”, due to the fact that I suffer from ringing in my ear. After reading the article, I discovered that the root cause was unknown after basic testing and the patient had an illness that altered his everyday life. The severity of his issue is affecting him, more so, as an adult. He cannot perform in school or in everyday life. He has to adjust his lifestyle to his disability.
In reading this article there were a few pieces of information that were important in diagnosing the patient. He had several doctors who had been seeing him for the ringing in his ear. Doctors gave him medications, oral and intravenous, that had not been a success. This was stated that the all the doctors use the medicinal approach before using other solutions. He then approached the current doctor while still under treatment from another to seek more help. The patient felt that this was his last resource, after many failed attempts. The doctor administered many tests and exams on the patient and came up with a reasonable, yet inconclusive, explanation for the ringing in his ear. After the patient was seen by a specialist recommended by his doctor, the explanation was slightly similar to what the root cause was. At this point the doctor presented the diagnosis to the patient and the options for his disability. The patient took some time to decide on the options which were medication for short term relief or surgery for permanent relief. Once surgery was decided upon the patient made a successful recovery. He was able to continue his regular lifestyle without modifications.
I learned that sometimes an illness or disability that is in plain sight is not always what it seems. All the tests and exams in the world could not explain certain things. It was hard for me to understand this when I was told my ears appear normal and that there was nothing wrong with me. I began to think that it was a psychological issue. As the patient…