The rise and fall of an empire Essay

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Diagnostic Essay

Koroma 1
In any field of endeavor, it is possible to make an achievements in a particular field. In any field, skills must be taught and knowledge sought to developed. When you have experiences you will acquired archived awards and most likely to get excellence in that field. Examples Doctors , Registered Nurses and Radiology Technician have past achievement in the medical field.
Throughout Safie life she dreamed of being somebody. Since her childhood, she work very hard in archiving whatever she wanted in life by archived many awards and prizes. The hard- work she did before entering into nursing school helped her in performing better and better, to reach to a master level that she have now become. She was a Nursing Assistant (CNA) working at Somerset Medical Center where she achieved her (C N A)certification in less than 1 year while working at the Emergency room. She received achievement for patient care for the entire Emergency room department and employee of the years she also received awards and gift certification from the director of Somerset Medical Center. Furthermore, with all the achievements and experiences in the medical field, she expanded her skills. That when she decided to go to Nursing school for four years. Where she received a Degree in Registered Nurse (RN) in 2005.She came from being a Certified Nurse Assistant, Patient Care in the Emergency room and worked her away up as an Ecology Pediatrics and Critical Care Nurse. Safie has achieved many Achievements from the National Association of Nursing. Awards from the hospital and even became the Charge Nurse for the Ecology Department She still maintained that position up till this day. Safie is looking forward to get more achievement in her careered as a Registered Nurse. The next person past achievement that i admired in my field is Horton. When first started working at Somerset Medical Center he was a housekeeper at the radiology department. His dreamed was to became a Radiology Technician one day in life, during his time working as a housekeeper he achieved an outstanding awards of being housekeeper of the month for four executives months. His achievements started to grow he received an award for employee of the year. He also received achievements for being reliable and dependable worker. In 2006 he went to school to become X-Tray Technician, during his time in X-Tray school he received an achievements for best student in their class and another for honor roll. Two years in his course he achieved his Certificate as a Radiology Technician. He started working at the radiology department for more than five years. He served as the head supervisor for the radiology department 2008 to present. Besides his interest include training staff on how to use the new equipment in the radiology department. He has won several “Excellence in teaching” awards. Shortly after he was awarded with the achievement of dependability, responsible and fulfilling obligations to the patients. He also keeping adequate documentation and continuously communicating with other professionals, interacts with patients relatives and being understanding and helpful on the job. The influence