The Rise Of Businesses In The 1800s

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Samantha Brimhall
Mr. Kendall
U.S. History
7 October 2014
Business Essay
In this chapter we discussed the rise of businesses in the United States during the 1800s. Life for workers in the Unites States was difficult during the late 1800s. Working conditions were dangerous and unhealthy. Laissez- faire economics helped the country industrialize. Because the government was encouraged to have little involvement, people were able to risk their capital to organize and run businesses. For this project, we were asked to be entrepreneurs and open a hypothetical business. The business that I started is a pizzeria. I had to do research and find out how much it would cost to open the business, find ways to expand my business, and analyze worker improvements.
The cost to open a pizzeria would be around $225,000. These costs include rent/operating cost, location improvement, miscellaneous improvement, marketing, and advertising. The rent/operating cost would cost around $30,000. These expenses include a security deposit, first month rent, and first month utilities. Location improvement would cost around $120,000. These expenses include construction, furniture, utensils, and initial supply of food and beverages. Marketing would cost around $25,000. These costs include signage, menus, fliers, ads, coupons, and business cards. Advertising would cost around $20,000. These expenses would include public relations services and a restaurant-opening event. There would also be some miscellaneous costs such as insurance, permits/licenses, accounting costs, and ordering and payment technology.
Now that my business was up and running I could finally expand. Some ways I did this was to covert my business into a franchise so I would have many locations. Another way that I improved my brand was I expanded the menu. Now my menu includes pastas and salads in addition to the pizza. Lastly I invested in TVs and a large