Great Expectations Questions And Answers

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Summer Assignment: Great Expectations
Chapter 1-7
1. Pip meets the convict in the churchyard located in the marshes. The convict was among the graves at the sides of the church porch. (Page 3 & Page 4) He was currently visiting the tomb site of his deceased mother and father. He would observe the tombstones and base the personalities of his parents off of their design. (Page 3) The convict orders him to bring him a file, and “wittles” (victuals) the next morning at the old Battery. (Page 4-6)
Pip is forced to obey since he is threatened to be harmed by a mysterious young man if he does not comply with the convict’s orders. (Page 4-6)
2. Why do the soldiers want to see Joe on Christmas Day? Luckily for Pip, the soldiers had not come to arrest him for stealing food for the convict; they had come to seek Joe’s service as they order him to fix the locks on their handcuffs. (Page 30)
3. The convict lies to the soldiers claiming that he was simply trying to catch the other convict and hand him in to the proper authorities, as a way to avoid getting arrested by the soldiers. (Page 35 and 36)
4. Pips statement could be translated to mean he was aware that his task was wrong, yet he does it anyway since doing the right would have been more inconvenient to him. Doing the wrong, however, would put him out of less danger, yet the guilt would be still too strong. (Page 40)
Chapter 8-12
1. Mr. Pumblechook’s breakfast consists of nutritional amounts of food such as bacon, and a variety of hot rolls. Meanwhile, Pip is given a measly piece of bread with butter and water. It shows that the lower-class is treated with less respect, even by people with higher authority. (Page 52 and 53)
2. Estella treats Pip like a peasant, by speaking to him with such distaste. She calls him cruel names, and enjoys watching his agony. Pip cries from all the utter shame of having his food presented to him as a dog would eat. ( Page 59 and 60)
3. Pip and Estella entertain Miss Havisham by enjoying a nice game of cards as she observes them. (Page 58)
4. Pip noticed that the stranger at Jolly Bargeman knew the convict because he stares at him irregularly. The man nods at Pip, and Pip returns the gesture. Finally, he proceeds to stir his drink with a file, as proof to Pip. This file was the same one Pip had stolen from Joe. (Page 71-74)
5. He trusts Biddy enough to tell her his whole story. He confides her with everything, including the story with the pale young gentleman. He also stated that Biddy took a deep concern into everything he said. (Page 92 and 93)
Chapters 13-18
1. Miss Havisham addresses Joe as to wanting to make Pip her very own apprentice. She gives Pip money (five and 20 pounds, to be exact) for his services at the residence. Miss Havisham calls back Joe one last time to tell him as to why he got the reward, and that was due to his good behavior. (Page 97 and 99)
2. Pip begins to think of his home as a miserable place, and feels ashamed of his home. He says he had never been pleasant to him, due to his sister’s temper. Joe, however, would even it out. However, Pip begins to dislike his home since he believes it’s too common compared to Estella’s residence. (Page 103)
3. The possible meaning to that quote was that Pip had loved Joe too much to ever leave him. If he had ran away and left the house, he would never have the courage to look at Joe ever again. (Page 104)
4. Orlick is one of the men who work at Joe’s blacksmith forge. He is compared to Cain due to their both loathing, and cruel hearts. Joe got in a fight with Old Orlick when he accused Joe of favoring workers (since he was planning a birthday-holiday for Pip.) Having been silent the whole time, Ms. Gargery interrupts them, and Orlick insults her. Joe then proceeds to fight Orlick. (Page 109-111)
5. During the time of Pip’s visit, Estella is sent abroad in order for an education. (Page 112)
6. Pip’s sister gets injured as someone violently entered the house when Joe