The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager Essay

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Jensen Martinez
Professor Tracy Davis
History 118
2 November 2012
Book Review # 2

The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager

Teenagers are more than capable of achieving great tasks in the future as well as causing great destruction with every skill stapled in their mind as they grow. Good and evil will determine the effects of which path a young mind its taught so that’s why parents must educated well with good intensions for a better future. The age of a teenager shows history how it transformed the world including the United States by family values, the high school, and dangerous adolescences etc. What teenagers did was start a fashion changing the world and its rules, becoming rebellious toward their parents values for
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The Age of the teenager was then starting to be formed because of high school and what some Americans call dangerous adolescence. Before the great depression as the roaring twenties road by with the creation of dating, new music like jazzed, and automobiles, teens conquered these ideas and were considered dangerous or abnormal. The depression caused chaos with the rise of the teenager making dances have a price whenever a man wanted to dance with a woman, she’ll charge him. As the depression continued with world war two entering the history books teenagers ended up as dead end kids. Young adults were not the main focus as they were in the 1920s, their fame didn’t matter to the population with fancy clothing and swinging dances. The American teenagers had a shutdown a collapse facing a stormy depression in other words the fall. Teenagers don’t follow rules but what is shown to them as entertaining in which this case man’s best friend the television hypnotized many teens with media. Movie stars like Rooney, Garland, Durbin, and Elizabeth Taylor created films (“The Courtship of Andy Hardy,” “The Boys Town”) inspired youths to act as visible characters shown by important Stars. Media grabbed hold of young minds teaching them that owning a car and specific cloth made you stand out from the rest. Adolescence grow up in a phase were psychologist Daniel Offer tells that adults and teenagers have problems. Daniel describes teenagers a painful, stormy, yet precious