The Risk Essay

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The Risk
Technology has taken its toll on the human race, and does that toll affect our everyday life and its choices? Technology has been improving for as long as we know every invention that we are told about growing up, and hearing the famous line for our elders stating we didn’t have that when we were kids. The world has been altered in every way by being able to connect with peers across the world while thousands of miles away in an instant. Now days having the opportunity to get a degree online not having to get out of your comfortable sleepwear or even your bed while taking your education to the next level. Technology has changed the world that we live in today from everyday uses to the way we see things in life. The visual rhetoric of an apple’s magazine ad, a funny times cartoon, and from Samsung offer differing perspectives in the conversation of technology and the effects that it takes on us.
In a magazine article by the company of Apple from, featuring a famous framer of the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin sitting at his desk on his personal Apple computer creating the design of the kite. uses many techniques like color, layout, and text. dulled the color using black, dark brown wood desk, and dark grey clouds to give the magazine ad an old time look of no electricity or lights other than candles expressing while expressing that he is using an Apple computer witch we all know wasn’t around at the time. The layout the website used was used to draw attention to Benjamin Franklin at his personal Apple computer with the design of the kite that he famously used to find the use of electricity. The layout took a lot away from the article centering all attention towards the ad consuming half of a full length page while the picture being the only thing in color. The text in the ad given by was all completely bolded in jet black stating “What kind of man owns his own computer?” ( In conclusion the website added many vintage effects using dull colors, Benjamin Franklin, and the old fat back computer monitors not like todays laptops, I pads or computers these days to show that technology has taken over our ways of thinking and actions completely. Do we rely on technology to do everything all the way down to not having to get up to push a button of everyday machines in the current days?
The Cartoon published by Funny Times on, would like to agree that we do rely on technology to much and that it has taken over our lives and hands on ways of life. In the cartoon on Funny Times by,, uses black and white as the only colors within the cartoon provides a focused look on the text and situation at hand. The cartoon show a man in his recliner holding his remote to his assumed advanced toaster oven in which he has control over from a ways away by his remote. The toaster has a piece of bread that just popped of the toaster and the man saying to himself “Shoot. I still have to get up and go butter it.” ( The cartoon used the large text to show what an inconvenience it is that he had to get up and butter his toast when he doesn’t have to even get up to operate his toaster oven. In summery the cartoon is trying to show that our society today in the current date relies on machines and technology to do everything for us most times