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I’m writing this in response to the prompt that the journey is more important then the destination. I will be writing this as an expository essay, which allows it to be written in a logical way. I have chosen to write this in a formal manor. Writing it in a way in which I am to connect to the audience as I have included various sources which others can relate to. My piece will be relative to an audience in which is familiar to the book “The Road”. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the prompt and relative ideas, which relate to it. I have explored ideas from the book “The Road”, your high school journey and Ahn Dos “The happiest refugee”.

In life everybody goes through a different journey, in fact everyday you are faced with a new journey and a new destination, but the most important part of it is the journey its self. A destination is nothing without the fight, the knowledge you gain from it and the enjoyment that comes from it. Cormac McCarthy’s book the road is a clear example of this. There aim is to reach the south but the focus throughout it all is how the boy and the man grow from it.

Author Cormac McCarthy shows us that life isn’t about the flashy cars or the newest phones but your character, your love and your loyalty to yourself and the people around you. McCarthy creates an everlasting bond between the man and the boy, which is made by these qualities. They’re living in a post apocalyptic environment where they have nothing, and where they have to create everything. Due to the circumstance the boy hadn’t gotten to live an ordinary life, but thanks to the man he was able to experience an environment created by his father where he stills gets to enjoy love and life.

Something that was clear to me through out the book is the emphasis on moral integrity and fighting to survive. It’s almost like high school. The fight to get the highest enter score is the destination, but all the growing and learning that you do in-between is the journey. You will be stressed, you will feel lost and you will be competing in one big competition. But if you stay true to your morals and do the best you can do to survive it, and learn along the way, then you will be a good guy, regardless of the score. Because as McCarthy shows us you need to experience the good to be a good guy. The boy is surrounded by a world filled with evil, just like the high school journey where students are surrounded by temptation. In the road the boy had chances to become evil, he could have went down that bad guy path and