The Road Not Taken

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"The Road Not Taken" written by Robert Frost is how individuality comes down to being able to choose between the popular choice or societal norms and a choice less explored. Through his poem, Frost has shown that sometimes in life, we have to make momentous decisions. We either have made a propitious selection or regret our decisions.

In the first stanza of the ballad, Frost decided to portray his message by using two paths as a symbol of a life decision. The first stanza brings into the spotlight the circumstance present. While strolling on a autumn day in a forest where the leaves have changed to yellow, he is halted where "Two roads diverged," (Line 1), representing the defining moments in life when individuals have the chance to choose
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After a moment, he presumes that both roads are about just as worn, however chose to take the road that was less travelled. Since he had taken a gander at the road that was “bent in the undergrowth,” (Line 5) his choice was to take the other path which had less individuals and activity. In any case, the speaker keeps on saying that both roads were also worn however the second one, which he took appeared to be less voyage. He says they were not the same precisely but rather "about the same." (Line …show more content…
In line 19, individuality is revealed, where he “took the one less traveled” (Line 19) path, and on these grounds, his choice was made by his own personal consideration, by taking the less voyaged path. He additionally believes that he will later acknowledge what an extensive contrast this decision has made in his life. The most common interpretation bases the poem as inspirational with vital lessons in issues of individualism as well as non-conformism. The title of the poem generally alludes to the paths, which the speaker neglected to take. His decision to go on the less voyage path is an unmistakable exhibition of the significance of radiating individual flexibility and also freedom when deciding. The poet wanted to illustrate that once an individual chooses to follow a particular route, no measure of pressure make him turn