The Road Not Taken Essay

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“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost made me think about the think all the “roads” people take in there whole life time. It made me think “What if?” The thing I liked about it is that it changed meaning depending on what mood you were in when you read it, if you were sad when you read it means just do what everyone else is doing because if you break away from the crowd you will definitely fail but if you’re in a lighter mood it means that if you break away from the crowd and become independent you will succeed.
In the poem the reader is faced with 2 roads, one has been used many times before and the other has barely been used before. The idea of the roads is used to represent the choices made in the poets’ life. The used one is the mainstream way of life, go to school, go to college, get a job, obey others and die, but the barely used one is supposed to represent going against the mainstream and standing out, no matter what anyone says.
When you read it you begin to think that it’s a story that’s going to tell you to go against the mainstream. So you know that he’s going choose the less taken road but if you think about it you knew that he was going to take that choice and so did the poet. So how is it a choice then if it’s undeniably going to happen? If you read it again it’s not going to change the choice. The poem goes back on itself. This has created a 3rd meaning to the poem being that it doesn’t matter what decisions you make everything has already been set out for