The Road Not Taken Analysis

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I . 1 In the poem the speaker mentions no one throughout the text but himself, and even the environment lets us imagine the protagonist as a lonely person in a forest. Besides this, the speaker is always comparing the two roads, which explains how hard this decision is to take and how crucial it could be.
Then why would this choice be so challenging if the text itself suggests the protagonist is an individualist?

2 To get a good life (socially and financially), people have to blend in; and if they don’t, they could miss opportunities. In “The Road Not Taken”, the speaker faces a difficult dilemma: Taking the path to blend in or taking the path that will segregate him/her from society?
How could the poem be compared to the actual society?

3 It is human nature to wish to make a good decision, which is why the protagonist doubts so much about which path of life to take. The person seems confused throughout the entire poem, but at the end shows a sign of happiness with a positive sigh.

Has the speaker ultimately achieved happiness in life with the path he chose?

2 In Robert Frost’s poem, the person consistently tries to express how difficult his/her choice of life is in regard to society, because depending on the path taken is what will lead to the way society sees him/her. Indeed, in the first paragraph, the speaker is “sorry”. Sorry to not follow the social codes, to not take the road more traveled by (last paragraph “I took the one less traveled by”). Nowadays society is very critical on the way people based their lives. For example a Jewish guy may have the choice to marry a non-Jewish girl or may have the option to marry a Jewish girl. If he chooses to marry the non-Jewish, he will be poorly looked upon by the Jewish community because he is not following his community’ social code. On the other hand, if he marries the Jewish girl he will be accepted in his community and will remain part of the Jewish society. In the poem, the protagonist is always comparing the two roads, which means that the protagonist is careful about the choice. Also, the first paragraph shows us