The Road Not Taken

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Often in every persons life there comes a moment when they have to choose one path over the other. This could be an actual path or just figuratively. The choice he or she makes may be one they will regret forever, on the other hand it just might be that choice that will turn their life around in a positive way! Many times it is something we cannot redo, and will either look back with regret, or with satisfaction. Imagine this: Two beautiful paths, which are almost identical, except one is less walked on; which path would you take? Would you take the one that is beautiful, maybe less traveled on, or the one that has undergrowth taking over with maybe some stones to step over? Robert Frost wrote the beautiful poem “The Road Not Taken”. They say that Frost wrote this poem in honor of his friend Edward Thomas. The two friends would often take walks through the countryside and Thomas would choose a path to show Frost the beauty of the area but would often regret his decision towards the end of their walk. The beauty of this particular poem, is the way the author illustrates two paths in the woods, with the …show more content…
(Line 12). After looking down that first path for quite a while, for some reason the speaker chose to go by the second path. Then it says “I doubted if I should ever come back” (Line 15). So readers see that he or she must have given good thought as to which path to go by, because the speaker is not sure if they will ever come back and take the first one. This line is the only line in the poem that hints at the persons identity, since they are not sure if they will ever get the chance to redo that decision, this shows the speaker might be a bit older in age. We also see that the author paused “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- / I took the one less traveled by” (Lines 18-19) But he or she seems satisfied with the decision because in the last line the words are “And that has made all the difference” (Line