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The Road Not Taken. Everyone in the world has had to, or will have to face life changing decisions. You may feel you chose right, you may feel like you chose wrong, but the point is that you chose and that has lead you to where you are today. The choices you make in your past affect your future. You may want to go back and change the choices that you've made but you cant, and that is something you will have to learn to accept. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost has been a very influential poem in the history of U.S. literature, as well as literature from around the world. Making life changing choices has always been a difficult ideal to face. Whether we are faced with the choice of going to college or choosing a career straight out of high school or a simple choice like what to eat for dinner. Choices round the way that we live our daily lives. Frost uses metaphor throughout this amazing poem to enhance his theme of making life choices and the outcomes they can produce. Frost tries to help his readers understand that no matter what choices you decide to take in life, it will lead you to the life you are currently living today. You may want to look back and think about how you could have chosen differently but there is no point because you cant go back in time. Be happy with the choices you make. The road splitting is a metaphor throughout the poem starting with the title. “The Road Not Taken” implies that there is a road taken and one not taken. Right from the very start of the poem you can tell this poem is about making a choice. From the very first lines, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, / And sorry I could not travel both” Frost sets the scene for the choices you must make in life by talking about the fork in the road that every reader must decide upon. The use of the wording “yellow wood” is also a metaphor for making decisions in the fall of your life. Making tougher choices when you are older. Although you may want to take both, or try and see what lies at the end, “And looked down one as far as I could” you cannot travel both, you must make a choice. This line in the poem is a metaphor for the future. You cannot see into the future to see where each choice would take you, so at some point, to move forward in your life, you must make a decision. You can only see down a path so far, this is a metaphor for only being able to see the consequences of our choices for a short time into the future. The speaker spends quite some time looking down both of the paths, but both of them seemed to be very similar. “Though as for that the passing there / Had worn them really about the same,” this statement is saying that the immediate consequences of this choice seem to be about the same, so it doesn't matter much which path you decide to take. If you think about a choice you have made in your past, say moving somewhere out of the blue, we aren't really sure why we did it, we just feel that decision could make us happy, so we take the plunge. This is what the speaker did. It is in these few lines of the poem that the speaker decides to randomly make a choice and go down one of the paths. This seemingly inconsequential decision is a metaphor for making a sudden decision, which we have all faced. Because our speaker had made such an seemingly inconsequential decision he wanted to come back and possibly take the other path someday. Going down the path, our speaker realizes that he may never be able to come back to this fork and chose the other path “Oh, I kept the first for another day! / Yet knowing how way leads on to way, / I doubted if I should ever come back.” These lines in the poem are a metaphor for a life changing decision. Although you may want to come back someday to take the other path, once you’ve made the decision to take this path, this life choice, you can never go back. This is a decision everyone in their life has to make throughout their entire life. Should I go to college or get a