The Road to Grandiose Essay

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Upon speculating whom may be best regarded as the most influential of persons, and with this writer’s interpretation of such being that of unsurpassed contribution to the future of the human race, one would be wise to attribute such to he who possesses the greatest of modern minds; Stephen Hawking--the man destined to join Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein in the immortality afforded by selfless service to all mankind. While many will inevitably arrive at an alternate conclusion, such does not negate the validity of the writer’s said position. However, in order for one to substantiate or refute the claims set forth, the writer shall attempt to provide objective reasoning whilst using brevity to the best of his ability.

The problem with speculating lies within the very meaning of such; that is, absolutes either fail to exist or are otherwise unknown. One is therefore able to conclude that, given the inherent neutrality of such, no individual may hold an ideological position which is greater than that of any other. Therefore, one may be equally justified in positioning President Obama as the most influential of modern man.

Although the preceding rebuttal is widely acknowledged and often accepted, this writer finds such to be ostensible at-best. The problem with this is that, upon establishing one’s bias exclusively through relativistic philosophies, one effectively fails in his obligation of obtaining objective knowledge and, as such, understanding. Consequently, the writer positions that is it only through the use of logical analysis that one may effectively yield insight into the factors--or lack thereof--which ultimately form one’s bias.
Supporting this writer’s decision in accrediting Stephen Hawking with such distinction, one must consider that which constitutes the greatest of lasting influence; influence as it relates not only to humanity in the short-term, yet that of the entirety of humanity's descendants henceforth. In accomplishing this, Stephen Hawking has made profound contributions on that which some have referred to as “the road to grandiose” as well as “the path traversed by the gods of men.” Perhaps one may simply know this road by its most common reference; Science.

As with any concept, opposite extremes must exist. Unfortunate as it may be, there lies a much more sinister foe than that of mere ignorance. A foe so great that, by its