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The Road to Success Success does not come easy. It takes hard work and dedication. I learned this from my parents. These hard-working people taught me the many ups and downs of life. They showed me that when opportunity arises to succeed, you take it with full pride. Throughout my whole life, I have seen my parents work hard, even if they are exhausted and lack motivation. They have pushed through so many obstacles. My parents are not only successful in the matter of money with a steady paycheck. They also stressed to me that it is important to be rich in love, laughter, good health, and overall happiness. My parents started working hard at a young age. My dad started a job at a steel mill when he was only seventeen-years-old. My mom had a child to raise on her own by the age of nineteen. She worked as a waitress living paycheck to paycheck on her own. Both of my parents have overcome their difficult times and now live a very comfortable life. Neither of them had things handed to them from their parents. They learned the hard way how to make the money they needed to put food on the table, clothes on their backs, and roofs over their heads. They both taught themselves the value of a dollar and the importance of having a good work ethic. Thankfully, their reliable work ethic has rubbed off onto me. They go above and beyond what their bosses ask them to do. My parents have taught me that being early, working overtime, doing tasks without being told so, and keeping a positive attitude towards your work will really pay off in the end. I am very fond of my parents for their wonderful work ethic. I hope to strive to become the best that I can be, as they have done for themselves. To succeed, I believe you must fail. You must fail at a goal to see different ways to obtain it. The only thing you can do is try and try again. Failing is inevitable; the obstacles throughout life are there no matter what you do to try to avoid them. My parents went through many obstacles. My dad has lost three jobs throughout my lifetime because companies he worked for shut down. He was laid off for months at a time. I believe these were the biggest obstacles that affected our family because we have had to move so many times. My mom pushed herself so hard that at one point she was working two jobs to help support us. Throughout these obstacles we all became annoyed and irritated with each other. We fought past these obstacles when new opportunities arrived. My parents managed their money wisely so we could live comfortably. They took advantage of the opportunities handed to them so now they do not have to stress like they used to. I believe the most important thing my parents taught me is that material objects do not matter. In this generation of technology, people my age are mostly concerned