The Rocking Horse Winner Essay

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The End is Coming

(The Rocking Horse Winner)

Have you ever done something for somebody that you cared a lot about, but felt like they didn’t appreciate what you did for them? In the story The Rocking Horse Winner there was a little boy named Paul, who wanted to give his mother the world, his father wasn’t a lucky person and his mom wanted more money. So Paul would ride his horse in order to get the winning horses and went and put money on them. He would always win on the horses and ended up winning lots of money for his mom. In the end of the story little Paul ends up killing himself trying to win his mom all the money she wants. The main messages in this story are that money can’t buy happiness, parents often hurt their children without
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Parents never mean to hurt their children, that's the last thing that a parent ever wants to do. When a parent hurts their child, it also hurts them inside, it's a mother's worst nightmare to have a child to end up hurting or have them hate them at the end of the day. There are a thousand ways to hurt your parents thought out your life and if you do, you can gain their trust back and get back on safer ground with them. When a mother or father hurts a child it takes forever for them to forgive them and get back on that safe ground. Children never forget all the pain and hurt you make them feel. It's never a parent's dream to push their child away and hurt them. In the story Paul's mom made Paul feel like he had to keep winning his mom money and she pushed him so hard that she ended up killing her son, ending his life and putting a lot of pain on him that he felt like what he was doing for her wasn’t ever enough. “ And even as he lay dead, his mother heard her brother’s voice saying to her: “My God, Hester, you’re eighty-odd thousand to the good and a poor devil of a son to the bad, but poor devil, poor devil, he’s best gone out of a life where he rides his rocking horse to find a winner” (page