The Role Of Absolute Power In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely is a meaning that symbolizes with enough power comes

corruption and instability. That a person with enough can't be controlled or trusted because it will

consume them with the lust of power of envious.Through out history this has been proven,

whether it was Stalin, Benito Musolino, Hitler and Fedile Castro, who became the monster he

swore to defeat when he was elected power, but the power consumed him into to be a tyrant.

Absolute power would corrupt anybody. Just like Napoleon having lust of power, from the first

description that was given to us of Napoleon presents him as a "fierce-looking" boar "with a

reputation for getting his own way."

Throughout the novel, Napoleon's tactics of "getting his
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Absolute power leads to murder. Napoleon starts to abuse of the animals. "Napoleon starts to

change rules of animalism. This is a terrible ideal of only having one leade as a dictatorship or a

tyrant, a leader that thinks he can do whatever he wants.

Napoleon is supreme can't be touched, he thinks that he's untouchable. He thinks that he's

higher and more powerful then anybody living in the animal farm. And in away he his because

he makes himself out to be feared and untouched.

Napoleon is cheating the animals in to work more for him. This happens because

there is nobody to stop him or confront him about his power, because every animal trembles

when they see him.With propaganda Napoleon manages to take even more power over the

animals. He has managed to twist his words and make lies out of the propaganda and the

animals believe it and fall for the trap. decides to sell the hens eggs. The hens did revolt

against Napoleons decision but power changes people, nobody can change Napoleons ideals.

Boxer then gets attacked by Napoleon dogs. He attacked boxer to use him as a symbol of all of

the revolt and chaos to show the dogs that he is still the leader and Napoleon is the man in