The Role Of Concussions In The Sport Of Football

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The sport of football is a game that is thriving and growing in our society today. The NFL (National Football League) is enjoyed, watched, and known by many people in our modern-day life. A big issue that has been a constant for a long period in the sport of football is concussions. As stated by the AANS (American Association of Neurological Surgeons), “A concussion is a clinical syndrome characterized by immediate and transient alteration in brain function, including alteration of mental status and level of consciousness, resulting from mechanical force or trauma. A concussion affect memory, judgment, reflexes, speech, balance and muscle coordination.” (AANS 1). The reason for these accounted for concussions is the high impact quality in the game of football, there is a lot of pushing, shoving, slamming, and crashing involved. These concussions are not taken lightly in that they have fully affected these men involved in the game lives, completely destroying a chance at a healthy future. …show more content…
An article on the problem of concussions in the NFL by PBS states, “Last Friday, documents filed in federal court showed the NFL expects nearly a third of all retired players to develop some form of long-term cognitive problem — such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia — in their lifetime as a result of head injuries suffered on the field.” (Breslow