The Role Of Friendships In Romeo And Juliet

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Friendships are the most essential relationships as these relationships form from trust and choices, unlike family relationships that are forced upon people. In the play, Juliet trusts her nurse better than her mother to accept her love for Romeo, and despite still wanting to protect Juliet, the nurse accepts that Juliet loves Romeo. When the nurse meets Romeo to obtain his plan for the marriage, she says something. The nurse’s statement to Romeo to not mistreat Juliet emphasizes her love for Juliet, because even though she trusts Juliet’s decision to be with Romeo, and wants Juliet to be happy, the nurse still wants to protect Juliet from anything that might happen with Romeo. Rather than reject Romeo altogether seeing that he is from a rival family, she accepts that Juliet loves him and just warns him not to take advantage of Juliet. An example of the nurse trying to protect Juliet is when Juliet’s mother tells Juliet about the arranged marriage set up for her, and the nurse says to accept the arrangement. The nurse’s action, advising Juliet to marry Count Paris so Juliet can live contentedly suggests that the nurse only wants what is best for Juliet, especially after what happened with Romeo. The fact that the nurse’s advice later hurting Juliet’s feelings so much suggests that Juliet values the nurse’s, her best friend’s opinion a lot. The nurse trusts that Juliet will take the valuable advice after what happened before. However, Juliet loses her …show more content…
Friends always help each other, no matter what the situation. True friends stick together no matter what, and stand strong together, lifting each other up. Friendships are strong since people choose who become friends with them, and build the relationships in trust in each other. The characters Romeo and Juliet and their friends show how friendship exists as the most essential type of