The Role Of Lafayette In The Battle Of Yorktown

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The play Hamilton is a widely known musical that has entertained many using catchy songs about actual historical events. In this play, a character named Marquis De Lafayette is one of the main parts that is focused on during the production. My reason for exploring the life of Lafayette is because his contributions to America sparked my interest. His importance in our country was in the Revolutionary War, when the Thirteen Colonies fought against Great Britain. Although he was raised as French and was not part of the Colonies at first, he aided our side of the war. Lafayette was born on September 6, 1757 in Chavaniac, France. His parents both died while he was at a young age. His father died in the Seven Years war and his mother died in 1770; …show more content…
First of all, he was a military leader and that means they would miss a great leader in their favor. They might have also not have won the Battle of Yorktown because the British would’ve been able to escape by sea.
This war produced a great relationship between Washington and Lafayette. George Washington was a wise and important figure in the colonies which made people want to listen to him. George continuously recommended Lafayette for different things. For example, Washington nominated him for congress so that he could lead an invasion into Canada. He believed Lafayette had the ability to lead the invasion. Although the mission did not turn out the way it was supposed to, it shows that George Washington believed in Lafayette and that showed even more that they were even greater of
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What Lafayette said was that people should lower unnecessary spending and buy things that are beneficial to everyone. Following this Lafayette he was made Commander-in-chief of the national guard in France. The national guard is an armed force that keeps the society in order, which is what we have today known as the police. Unfortunately, Lafayette’s reputation at one point began to deteriorate. It started to go down when he was responsible for the custody of the royal family but he was close to failing in 1791. He was called a royalist after that event and people began to lose trust and faith in him. He resigned from the guard job and tried to run for mayor. He ran against someone named Jerome Petion de Villenueve, but Lafayette ended up losing the debate. This only made things worse for him in society and how people thought of