The Role Of My Life In The Future

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From the day of birth, we are destined to live a future that all depends on how we shaped it in the past. Everyone’s perspective of an ideal future is solely derived from the environment that he/she grew up in. Some, who are luckier than others, are raised in a healthy, nourishing environment in which all necessities are provided to ensure proper growth and a sufficient lifestyle. Unfortunately, not all children are raised in such a wonderful atmosphere. Those who are not as fortunate usually are born into families, who are financially deficient and live in impoverished conditions. I, personally, have experienced such difficulties due to the lack of major necessities that my family could not afford or provide for me. Luckily, I was able to grow up into a healthy, intelligent, blessed young man, given the opportunity of a lifetime; to live my dreams. Even though one is born in undesirable circumstances, he/she is always offered life-changing opportunities that can change the way of the past into an idealistic future filled with his/her aspirations. My parents worked hard in the rice fields and the farm to provide for a family that consisted of over twenty members. At this rate, my mother sought resolutions as quickly as possible due to the fact that she was pregnant with me. She knew that having a child would be a great opportunity for aid as she got older. When I was born, not much changed, and conditions got worse. As the years progressed, my mother and father had numerous conflicts which ultimately resulted in divorce. A single woman with two sons, forced out of her own home was a nightmare that even I vividly remember. For the time being, we slept in a motel until my mother could find permanent residence. Just as my mother could no longer pay the rent, a true blessing had come upon us. My