The Role Of Proctor In The Crucible

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Miller point out as if Proctor is the main hero if “The Crucible “. Proctor goes threw a lot of tragic obstacle, same for all the other characters, but for Proctor everyone knows he is innocent. Proctor was being loyal to god and not admitting he “seen the devil”, he knows this whole witchcraft and Abigail with all her exaggerated devil signs she has, is all a lie.

Each character were all accused of witchcraft and most of them were hanged. Proctor was the main character who showed everyone he was loyal to god and his family. Proctor has is rough obstacles such as him having an affair with Abigail, him not forgiving himself , and also how Abigail is trying to go after his wife. Proctor and Paris aren't fond of each other, due to Paris’s teaching