The Role Of The NCLB Act

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Good paper The state government for participating states played a great deal in the act. The state had the responsibility to determine if the schools and institutions within that state had a great need for further assistance, and it would be beneficial to take part in the act. State representatives had to devise a plan to assist the students and train and further develop the teachers. They also had the job of making sure that assessments were occurring, all schools were being treating equally, and that sanctions and rewards were distributed when necessary. The state government had the responsibility of distributing federal funds and issuing state funds when federal funds did not meet all needs.
School administration focused more of the low level details of achieving the goal of the act. They reported on the specific needs for their schools, teachers, and students in order to receive additional assistance and support to meet the over goal of the act. It was their role to not only make sure that assessments and exams were being administered in accordance with the state plan, but they were to also report the results back to the state government. The administration was also responsible for ensuring that the teachers were trained to be high quality teachers and were motivated to keep the students involved and learning. In addition to those responsibilities the administration had the role of keeping the students, teachers, and parents up-to-date with changes from the state