The Role Of Women In 'Odysseus'

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While Odysseus is meeting many women on his journey, a few stand out because they are tempting him to stay at their islands for awhile. A group of women called the Sirens are the most tantalizing women Odysseus has ever met on his journey. The Sirens are known for (their voices in the air” (XII.47). The Sirens also tailor make their songs for every ship that passes. Odysseus likes to be idolized for his performance at Troy and when the Sirens sing their song he really wants to leave his boat for the hypnotizing Sirens. The song they sing to Odysseus really gets to him because they say “famous Odysseus- Achaea's pride and glory” (XII. 200). There is hope for Odysseus because as long as he doesn’t hear their song then he can pass. The line breaks Homer uses allows for you to miss key details that could be vital to the story. the Sirens cannot retain their power because there are loopholes that a good leader could pick up on. The loophole is if you put “wax” in your ears then you won't hear the joyous song (XII.216). Another thing the Sirens say that make Odysseus want to leave his boat is when they say “once he hears to his heart’s content sails on, a wiser man” (XII. 204). Odysseus gets tempted greatly by the Sirens but since women never get power in a patriarchal society, Odysseus gets his was but not easily.

Body Paragraph 3: Women use trickery Constantly throughout the epic. many women use trickery in order to gain power. A prime example of a women using trickery is when Penelope leads to suitors by saying once she finishes her blanket then she will re marry. Penelope nevers finishes her blanket because she does not want to re marry, she wants to wait for Odysseus. Another example is when Athena changes forms so Odysseus can listen to her.
Counter Argument: Bad outweighs the good In this epic, some women are actually good, but those women get looked over and given a bad reputation due to women like Clytemnestra. Some women are very loyal and helpful to Odysseus such as Calypso and Penelope. Calypso helps Odysseus by helping him build a ship to get back home to Ithaca. She says to him “take bronze tools, cut your lengthy timbers” (V.180). She is giving him all the necessary supplies to get home, but since she was known for seducing Odysseus