The Role of a Manager Essay

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The Role of a Manager xxxxxxxx MGT/

The Role of a Manager

The role of the manager relies on many distinct characteristics coupled with experience, trust and knowledge. I was enlisted with great people skills working hard to get ahead in the Navy. I was on the project leading my teammates to reach those lofty goals and tight timelines set by my manger or chain of command. I have since transitioned to the officer ranks of the military, using my experience and credibility earned while enlisted to become a trusted and approachable mid level manager. When people enter an establishment, they expect an quality product and a memorable service. These elements is what will inspire a consumer to keep coming back again. These memorable experiences are facilitated by work done behind the scenes by an effective and efficient manger. Managers focus on company’s goals and make sure the process of their business runs smoothly.
Business's perform each functional area, however some businesses do not have separate departments or personnel assigned accordingly. Well organized businesses are successful at achieving their goals and objectives. Depending on the size of the organization, tasks and functions are done relatively regularly by an assigned group or person. Managers are responsible and over see work that are necessary for organizational success. The manager must plan, organize, lead and control the operation and fiscal health of a business, division, or organization that has entrusted in his leadership and managerial skills. The manager must find, filter, employ and empower people that fit the business's culture and overall outlook. He motivates, enables and encourages his people to utilize all resources available to achieve optimum performance and accomplish business goals efficiently and effectively.
Mitzberg (2009) stated, "Management is by nature a "calling" or practice, and as such, it cannot be taught in business school". Being a successful manger is not for everybody, people can't learn how to be a manger in school, it takes time and relevant experience to be successful. People criticize their managers for various reasons; however, few people often step up and attempt to outwork their supervisor and take their job. Effective