The Role and Influences of the Royal Family in Uk Society Today Essay

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The role and influences of the Royal Family in UK society today.

This report is analysis the role and influences of most famous family in the UK: the Royal Family. People always talk about the royal family. Royal activity, behavior and words, even the scandals are the hot topics in the public. Why Royal Family gets high attention from the country? What is different between them to us? As pointed out by Blain and O’Donnell, Royal family is very important part in UK. The Royal Family must support the government works and also has significant roles in public and charitable (2003). In addition, Royal Family on behalf of the UK visits other countries to help strengthen the diplomatic relationship between the British and other
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Oakland (2006) states that, the royal advice on formal and informal ways maybe could be impact the public who did not support any leaders. In the end, Changes the composition of the government. What is more, if the government situation is unclear, the sovereign could make a choice. In fact, the royal could advise recommend an acceptable candidate. Because of the significant influence of Monarchy, the Prime Minister usual communicates with the Royal Family. For example, the former Prime Minister Tony Blair regular hold a conference call with the Queen and to listen her advice (Blain and O’Donnell, 2003 ).

The Royal Family is a strong symbol of unity in UK. When foreigners talk about UK, they usual linked the Queen and the Prince. Recently, Medias were report a new around the world: the British Queen ElizabethII has opened a Facebook in website. This is a new way to show the Queen and her family to world. China Daily (2010) said that are the queen's once social media venture. Facebook is a communication platform much yang people like lt. Queen choose to use Facebook maybe want more and more yang to follow with interest to Royal Family. USA today (2010) states that: “The decision went right up to the queen”. Moreover, when people go to travel to Britain, they always interesting in Royal Construction. For example, the Windsor Castle is one of the official home of the Queen. It is UK’s top 20 visitor places and each year it