The Role of the Mentor in Paramedical Education Essay example

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The Role Of The Mentor


Mentor, mentoring and mentorship are terms that have received increasing attention in health related circles over the last thirty years. In the ten years between 1978 and 1988 the number of references in the ‘ERIC’ database, which included ‘mentor’ as a keyword, increased from 10 to 95, Jacobi (1991). The literature of the following twenty years has continued this growth at a phenomenal rate, and to date there are over 2850 entries.

The term ‘mentor’ is however not a recent phenomenon, and has its roots in
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The mentor should be able to identify and disseminate research findings, and keen to ensure that practice is evidence based and current, Kilcullen (2007).

It is prudent to remember that simply being with a qualified practitioner does not guarantee learning will take place (Andrews and Wallace, 1999). The mentor should work with the mentee to identify mutually acceptable learning objectives, support the mentee in achieving these, and be prepared to give constructive feedback along the way, Barker (2006). Several studies have demonstrated that mentors often do not give sufficient feedback (Jowett et al 1994), even though it is considered by students to be one of the mentors key roles, Phillips et al (1996).
The mentor should see themselves as a teacher, (Levinson et al 1978), and be comfortable developing the students understanding of the intricacies of their field. The mentor should see it as their duty to inspire students to learn and develop. Poor mentors are often described as uninterested in their profession, and the development of those in the field, distant, unfriendly, unapproachable and intimidating to students, Gray and Smith (2000).

The mentor should be flexible in their approach to the education of the student. There is little doubt that the needs