Essay on The Role of the Profesional Nurse

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There are many issues which need to be considered when caring for older people who are of a cultural and linguistic diverse background. This essay will focus on these issues inconjucntion with engaging, assessing and caring for an older person who is of a cultural and linguistic diverse background.

Transcultural nursing refers to “being aware of the patients cultural health beliefs and values and incorporating these into the agreed care plan with the patients.” (Nurse dictionary). As part of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council code of conduct, all nurses need to be culturally respected of all patients especially those of non speaking English backgrounds or culturally linguistic diverse backgrounds. “This code of professional
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“Transcultural healthcare practitioners need to develop both cultural specific and generic-cultural competence. (Narayanasamy, 2003) This can only be achieved by; “development of knowledge and skills related to a particular ethnic group as well as insights into the beliefs and values that operate within clients’ culture.” (Narayanasamy, 2003). There are numerous ways in which nurses are able to gain knowledge of cultures if they haven’t been taught. These including taking courses and education seminars to improve their knowledge or simply working with a patient and understanding their needs to achieve cultural competence. “The knowledge needed for ethical care is constructed when professionals and clients strive togother to understand to meaning of disease within the client’s context.” (Forchuk, 2001) This simple task will prove to be highly effective when maintaining and achieving cultural competence. If nurses aren’t educated and culturally aware they risk the demonizing effect of being unprofessional and ill competent. “When we fail to gain this type of cultural understanding, our attempts at helping indigenous people or those of any culture are doomed to failure.” (Mcmurray, pg.295). Being educated and possessing knowledge of cultural awareness especially those dealing with older patients as they seem to be of a higher percentage