The Roman Empire And The New Testament Summary

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Nguyen, Thanh V., "The Roman Empire and the New Testament". New Theology Review, 21, 2, (2008!)84-86 Academic Search Complete, Web
This book discusses the education of the New Testament and the life of Jesus Christ and his Apostles within the time of the Roman Empire. In light of Nguyen's teachings at the seminary. It's a more profound look at Christian religious philosophy and the battles that they were challenged in the early Church. I discovered this book exceptionally helpful because of the fact that it taught me a great deal about the Roman Empire and their Christianity, and what the Romans considered Jesus and his missionaries.

Robbins, Vernon K. "Precreation Discourse and the Nicene Creed: Christianity Finds its Voice in the Roman
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It also has a decent foundation on the early Church principle and how it was created in the early Church. It additionally takes a look at the pursuits and battles that were obtainable to early Christians and how they conquered their battle. Robbins states, "Being of same substance as the Father, all things made through the Son before He came down from heaven, and became human".

Lunn-Rockliffe, Dr. Sophia, "Christianity and the Roman Empire" This talks more about the general perspective of Christianity and its battles in the early Roman Empire to the preparation of Christianity just like the official religion of the Roman Empire. It’s a great outline of the distinctive pioneers of Rome and how they interfaced with the early Church. It’s also a recorded review of the ascent of Christianity. This also helped me in deciding how Jesus was seen by those in power. It offers a point of view from the Roman perspective, which is expected to offer my very own target perspective.

Ferrero, Mario. "The triumph of Christianity in the Roman empire: An economic interpretation." European Journal Of Political Economy 24, no. 1 (March 2008): 73-87. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed November 9,