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The Roman Forum
The Roman Forum, situated in the Palestinian city, was mostly known to be a public place. (DeWitt 433) The common meeting place was used by students who would come and get answers for either their topographic, religious or history studies. (DeWitt 433) Furthermore, the Roman Forum was acknowledged by tourists and the citizens of the villages surrounding the forum. (DeWitt 433) Also, the public place was used by many for exchanges, which was one of the many reasons why it was always swamped by the villagers. (DeWitt 434) Likewise, the
Forum was in fact a royal market too, which included markets such as a fish or a vegetable one. (DeWitt 437) The historical building was built on a non usable land and had no monuments whatsoever related to it during the imperial times
(DeWitt 434) However, according to tradition, the Comitium held “the Ficus
Ruminalis, the Mundus, the stone lion of Faustulus, and the Lapis Niger [known as the the] tomb of Romulus. Those were examples of buildings and temples present. End of quotation? (DeWitt 434) Several roman symbols were also found around the Forum, such as the whetstone which generated miracles, and the fig tree. (DeWitt 434) The oldest basilica was also found on place, known as the
“Basilica Parcia” which contained “seats of the tribunes and the tribunal of the praetor”. (DeWitt 434) Other buildings which were found included the senate house. (Dennison,323) However, when Rome became a Republic, the basilicas

were used as market halls. (Dennison 323) One of the most famous street,
Argiletum, was mostly occupied with shops.(Dennison 323) A row of tabernae were also situated on that road and were used at the time by goldsmiths and money changers. The top of these buildings were also used as a balcony during games such as the gladiatorial ones. (Dennison 323) Some assumed that the
Roman Forum was once private property or was part of the royal residence which belonged to the kings. (DeWitt 435) Due to the amount of evidence found, historians never figured out if the Forum was in fact part of the courtyard of the king’s royal residence?. (DeWitt 436) Romans were also big believers of gods. In the case if one believed that the Roman Forum was a private property, it was said that Janus was the sacred guardian. A statue of Janus was indeed located in the Forum. (Dennison 323) The Roman Forum was then considered to have a religious and royal side. (DeWitt, 440). Several columns, arches and temple walls were some examples of how the Forum presented itself. (Dennison, 318) Even