The Runaway Jury Case

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The film Runaway Jury centers around a lawsuit brought forth by a widower whose Husband was gunned down by a workplace shooting (Felder, Felder, Mankiewicz, & Milchan, 2003)Click and drag to move. The widower was attempting to sue the gun manufacturer for negligence, many similar cases had already gone to trial and every time the gun manufacturers were victorious. This case was different, this case was against Vicksburg firearms. Previously Vicksburg was sued by a small town in Indiana after a school shooting. The jury in the Indiana case was fixed by a man named Rankin Fitch, Vicksburg ended up winning the case because of Fitch's fix . Fitch is also working on fixing the case with the widower. Mr. Fitch does not know but the tables have turned on him, in this case a man named Nick and a woman named Marlee have hacked the jury selection system and themselves have rigged the jury. They request 15 million dollars from Fitch to swing the case his way, he initially refuses calling Nick and Marlee amateurs. He soon realizes the he is losing the jury and decides to pay them the money. When the verdict is read the verdict goes against Vicksburg firearms and Fitch. He realizes he has been duped. As it turns out Marlee lost a Sister in the Indiana school shooting and we learn …show more content…
The justice system isn't always fair sometimes technicalities happen, a recent court ruling in Maryland led to many convicted criminals being released due to the jurors being given improper instructions. Would anyone blame the victims or their families if they seek revenge on these convicted criminals? I wouldn't these criminals took lives and ruined many others. While I like to think that I would let the justice system do what it is designed to do but I cant honestly say what I would do if me or my family were the victims of a horrendous