The Russian Industrial Revolution By Liam Essay

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The Russian Industrial Revolution by Liam Austin

The Industrial Revolution began because farmers could not make a consistent living using old methods of farming by using rudimentary tools and relying on the change of seasons for their harvests. Farmers were also isolated from each other making their jobs even more challenging. Entrepeneurs gave raw materials to farmers to work with, the finished products went back to the entrepeneurs to sell. These business men eventually acquired much wealth and were able to build factories in the cities which utilized mass production. The farmers were drawn into the cities because that was were the demand for work was; the farmers became factory workers. The Industrial revolution began in Britain and influenced the rest of the world to use machines rather than human labor. Eventually Russia caught on to the Industrial Revolutionary wave, although late in the game, around 1880. As the old Russian Monarchy became weak, Vladamire Lenin rose, became dictator of Russia and introduced a Communistic government style. The unfair working conditions created by business practices during the Industrial Revolution made Communism popular among the working class.

From Farming to Factories, the Industrial Revolution began in 1760 and lasted through the 1900’s. The Industrial Revolution disposed of the middle class; you were either a rich Entrepeneur or a poor factory worker. The factory workers worked long hours with minimal pay.