The Russian Revolution and Alliance Partners Essay

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* Mostly Written, Bring AQOTWF * Know time period 1914- 1918 * Russian Revolution in 1917 * Franz Ferdinand * Know in the West: * 604-620 * KNOW PAGE 613 * -------------------------------------------------

* Pre War Alliance * Triple Alliance: * Germany * Austria-Hungary * Italy * Triple Entente * Russia * Britain * France * Other Causes (See lectures 12 and 13 on Edline) 1. Rivalry and competition in general (jingoism) 2. The Ottoman Empire (tauntingly called the "sick man" of Europe) having problems with nationalist groups seeking independence (the big theme of NATIONALISM we saw in the 19th century taken to its logical conclusion) 1. Russia's hope to regain prestige after loss to Japan and to get territory from Ottoman 2. France's desire not to be isolated diplomatically (leads first to "Entente Cordiale" and later to the "Triple Entente" 1. Germany's decision to pursue a colonial empire (under Wilhelm II). In other words to "find its place in the sun" 1. Wilhelm II's pursuit of a navy strong enough to rival Britain's 1. Britain's commitment to remain superior to any other nation 1. A-H's problems with nationalists groups seeking independence (wherein a very modern, "rational" sentiment comes up against a "traditional", longstanding power {AKA the Habsburg Dynasty}) 1. Russia's support of fellow Slavs (like Serbians) 1. Germany's support of her alliance partner: Austria-Hungary 1. All the other alliance promises (public and secret)

* How the war started for each nation * Each nation has a different reason for entering * There will be short answer/ essay * Know details * Austria and Serbia * The Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina caused dismay in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia * Infuriated the Serbs * Once Serbia gained independence from the Ottoman Empire it turned its nationalist energies against Austria, because they wanted unity between all Slavs however Austria was in control of over 7 million Slavs. * There was a lot of tension and threats between Austria -Hungary and Serbia * The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife by a young SERBIAN terrorist was the final draw for Austria * Austria provided Serbia with an Ultimatum that included a demand that Austrian authorities conduct an investigation in Serbia of the Murder * Scared of what Austria might find Serbia takes the other part of the ultimatum and on July 28, 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. * Russia and Germany * Russia was in a strong alliance with Serbia * Saw Serbia as "little brother" * Two days after Austria declares war on Serbia Russia mobilizes there troops * Since mobilization is an act of war Germany (ally with Austria-> protecting allies) gave Russia an ultimatum as well demanding immediate and complete demobilization. * Russia ignored ultimatum and Germany mobilized their troops and declared war on Russia August 1 1914. * United States * Germany announced that they would resume unrestricted submarine warfare. (U-boats) * They had stopped on request of the United States after firing at a British Luxury Liner killing 128 Americans among others. * The Americans intercepted a secret telegram from the German government offering to help Mexico recover its "lost territories" in southwestern U.S. * This inflamed U.S. opinions * The Autocratic Tsarist government collapsed. Russia was now being led by Western-leaning