The Sacrament of Baptism Essay

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Christopher Spadafina
Compare/Contrast Final Draft.
January 23, 2013

Two of the most popular sports in the United States and around the world are football and baseball. The two sports combined provide entertainment for thousands of people and give fans everywhere something to cheer about every season. Whether a baseball critic or a football fanatic, one is not required to be a professional to realize that the two have many differences and similarities. Mental preparedness, physical training and a large fan base are essential in both sports, yet each sport approaches these factors differently. Baseball and football both require a great deal of physical training. When looking at a football player compared to a baseball player, it is obvious which sport demands the most physical training. Football players spend hours in the weight room sculpting their bodies into a solid mass of muscles. This is essential in order to defend themselves against the brutal combat they experience on the football field. Baseball requires a great deal of physical training as well, however their approach is entirely different. While some light weight training is required, baseball players maintain a strong , but slim physique. These athletes focus largely on speed and agility training, with a strong emphasis on hand eye coordination. In baseball, it is necessary for a player to move with speed and precision in order to make critical plays. Mental preparedness is crucial to both football and baseball. Although baseball is a team sport much of the responsibility to make plays falls on the individual. When preparing for a game players must be very sure of their accuracy and precision. Concentration while at-bat is extremely important in order to anticipate the pitch. Baseball is considered to be a very mental sport. Mental preparation for football starts long before kickoff. Hours are spent watching film on the opposing team, as well as memorizing playbooks. When a football player takes the field, he must approach it as he is entering a battle. Players endure a great deal of physical contact during the game and the level of intensity is much greater than baseball. Even though the preparation is different, athletes of both sports must be mentally engaged at all