The sanctity of life argument is no longer convincing in this day in age Essay

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“The sanctity of life argument is no longer convincing in this day in age.” Discuss.
The sanctity of life argument labels life as divine, as they say it’s a gift from God, due to this believers in the theory oppose all intended harm on human persons. Without a doubt, this statement most likely comes from an atheist’s perspective, as they don’t believe in the existence of a God and therefore condemn the argument and render it moot.
This argument hinges on one thing, which determines whether or not the theory is valid or not; the theory depends on the existence of God. For the theory to work, God must exist and be the creator of life and for those who don’t believe in God’s existence see the argument as nothing but wind. Due to there being no concrete evidence what so ever of God’s existence, it is impossible to prove his existence which is viewed by none believers as reason enough to render the argument void, leaving it no space in the ideology of nowadays society. Others may argue it is wrong to say all life is sacred and valued evenly, as they believe some peoples’ lives are more valuable than others. For example, an unborn foetus has very little to no cognitive ability and no sense or either reasoning or a personality, due to this, many people believe it is wrong to assign the same sort of value to them as to a leading brain surgeon who saves countless lives; saying all life is equal and sacred is wrong as some life, without a doubt, has a greater value in terms of what they could potentially do or what they are doing. Similarly to this, some people argue that calling all people sacred is wrong, in cases such as murders. They believe it is wrong to call someone who has committed unspeakable acts, such as murder or paedophilia, ‘sacred’ and value their lives the same as that of a doctor who saves lives on a regular basis; people who help society should be held in higher esteem than people who have a detrimental effect on society.
On the other hand, there is ample arguments supporting the sanctity of life, which most if not all come from a religious perspective. All Christian denominations believe that God created mankind, setting them apart from all the rest of creation by sculpting us in his very own image; because of this, most Christians believe are lives are a gift given to us by God and are therefore special, they are therefore sacred and they believe as God created life, he is the only one who can take it away. Imbedded deep in the ideology of the Catholic Church are the Ten Commandments, rules given to Moses for the people by God. One of these absolute rules is “Thou shall not murder”, taking away life is condemned throughout the bible and is never as apparent in Exodus 20:13; life is God’s play…