The Sands of Time Essay

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Someday someone is going to make a great film from a video game. The "Sands of Time" game has a really neat plot that should have inspired a decent movie. It seems like filmmakers were more inspired by the action and never bothered playing through to the amazing ending sequence. The concept of the movie is similar to the game, even though the film itself is really entertaining, but as the story plot goes, it is different than the actual game. There are more differences between the movie and game than there are similarities. However, the films that are based on games are not as good as the game itself. As a game, the film has to have the same concept. The movie centers on the Prince, who acquires the Dagger of Time, a powerful weapon that can reverse time. He finds himself on the run from an unfaithful Vizier, who framed the prince in his own father’s murder. Vizier, the highest official to serve the king, wanted the Dagger’s power for himself, so he could kill the king and claim the throne for himself. By comparison to the movie, in the game the prince uses the dagger of time to reverse time the same as in the film. Also, in the game, Vizier is the bad guy who wanted the kingdom and the power of the dagger for himself, so he could use it to rule the world. This is where the similarities between the movie and the game end. The film was very much different compared to the game. In the film, conversely, the Prince is framed for the murder of his father and goes on the run. Finding out his uncle, his father’s Vizier, he plans to use the Dagger to go back in time and make himself king by killing the prince’s father, the king. Instead in the game, the Prince is tricked into unleashing the Sands of Time, which turns an entire kingdom, including the Prince’s father into a sand monster, the Vizier, who holds the Sands of Time hourglass and wants the dagger for himself, so he could have the power of the dagger to rule the world. Yet in the film the prince meets a princess, whose sacred duty is to protect the dagger. Throughout the movie they fight each other to obtain the dagger so the princess can take back what belongs to her and the prince to prove he is innocent. In the film the princess tries to kill the prince every chance she has, so she could have her dagger back. However, in the game the princess and her father were slaves by the prince’s father after they defeated her kingdom. As the game goes, after the prince unleashes the power of the dagger every one becomes the sand monsters except the prince and the princess. As a result of losing everything, the prince