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Science Fiction
Which story sounds like a better science fiction story, a story about time travel and dinosaurs or a story about a secret virtual world? Even though, Nethergrave was a very interesting story, The Sound of Thunder gives a more science fiction feel. I used these three points to come to my conclusion: The role that science or technology played in the story, the development of the setting and the message of the story. In order for you to understand my reasoning, I shall explain.
Nethergrave involves a lot of technology in the plot of the story. In my opinion, Nethergrave only uses one form of a virtual reality, which is a very cool concept. However, it doesn’t amaze me as much as the technology in The Sound of Thunder. The description of the technology used in The Sound of Thunder was incredible. For example, when Eckles sees The Time Machine, he sees a mass and tangle, a snaking and humming of wires and steel boxes. He also sees an aurora that flickered orange, silver and blue. There was a humming burning like a bonfire burning all the years.” (Bradbury 288). The time traveling is very futuristic, which just screams science fiction to me. Even the guns they use to put the dinosaur to death are very advanced technology.
The way Nethergrave’s setting develops is very fantasy-like. Skurzynski describes the virtual world “Nethergrave” as if it were a big mysterious forest. When Jeremy steps “foot” into Nethergrave, he sees, “On his monitor screen the terrain