Comparing The Scarlet Ibis And Short Story Love

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The scarlet Ibis and the short story love possess some similarities and differences. The similarities lie mainly in the foreshadowing and diction. In both of these story throughout the piece the narrator use their diction to foreshadow death. The author, William Hurst of the short story love foreshadows he death the narrator teacher, Miss Vera Brown, from the beginning. The author uses phrases like graven in stone and “belonged to her illness” to describe the narrator’s teacher. When hearing the phase graven in stone the first thing to come to mind is a grave stone which is a universal signal of death. To reinforce the inevitable death that awaited Miss Brown, he change Miss Brown’s priorities by saying “she belong to her illness. Now that she was sick this illness controlled her life to point where she couldn’t see her kids anymore, and if the illness had taken the joy of teaching from her it would most likely soon take her life. In the scarlet Ibis the author had told us from the beginning that doodle was going to die. He just reinforce this statement with metaphors such Jesus night gown and the scarlet Ibis. When doodle was first born in a caul, Aunt Nancy was the only one who said he wasn’t going to because “cauls were made of Jesus’s nightgown”. I don’t believe that this was put in here to say that doodle was going to die but with the short time he had he would bless the people around him. The author also use peter and the peacock to foreshadow death. ”When Peter was