The Scarlet Ibis Short Story

Words: 323
Pages: 2

The Scarlet Ibis is about a kid that is named Doodle. The Narrator is a kid who is never named all we know is that he is Doodles older brother. Doodle can’t walk he has a hard time struggling to do it, his brother tried to kill him once by trying to smother him with a pillow. When Doodle is two years old he learns to crawl, even though the doctor thinks his heart condition will keep him from doing just that. He can only crawl backwards which reminds the narrator of a doodle bug hence the nickname “Doodle.” His older brother wants to teach him to learn how to walk despite Doodles heart condition. Doodle is five and he still can’t walk. This embarrasses Brother, so he sets out to secretly teach him. Doodle does learn to walk, and on his 6th