The Scarlet Letter and God Essay example

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Joshua Philip
Mrs. Lewellen
AP English Language and Composition
November 7, 2014
Dear citizens of Boston, Massachusetts
In painful sorrow, I’ve finally decided to admit the foolish sin I’ve kept hidden in my heart for several long years, this terrible yet secret sin was only known to Hester Prynne and the almighty God. With great shame I want to admit that I’ve had sexual relations with Hester Prynne and I’ m Pearl’s lost father. I know I have broken one of God’s greatest Ten Commandments and I have been regretting it since the day I wickedly committed it. It may seem very difficult to believe this great sin I’ve done and how I kept it from this congregation of believers. My reason to keep this shame from you was my cruel pride and my position among the people of Boston. All these long years I’ve looked at beautiful Hester and have seen the product of my shame with the life of Pearl, I’ve constantly thought about the future of Pearl never knowing her true father. I’ve pondered over the thought of admitting my fault before men and God. But my pride and my position had clouded my judgment and I could not bear to face the shame and the aftermath of my sin. I know I’m a hypocrite and I know I’m not deemed to serve this church; but I have repented of my sin and I’m willing to endure the cruel punishment that awaits me on earth and then the firm judgment of heaven. I know I have mislead this congregation in believing Hester as an adulterer. But I’m the wicked man who shunned his own teachings and broke God’s sacred laws. I’ve come to this congregation to ask for your forgiveness and for a second chance. This great guilt has taken over my soul and has been slowly killing me. Hester Prynne should not have been punished for my transgressions; her willingness to keep this great secret has amazed me and she should not keep it anymore. I’ve finally realized my faults and I do not want to carry this guilt to my grave. I’ve finally decided to give up my pride and be humble in the sight of God. I know I have fooled you with my powerful sermons and my godly life. But you should know that I’m not who I say I am or who I’m acting as. I knew of God’s punishments but I still let my arrogance control my actions. I let an innocent women suffer because of my shame and caused her to be scorned. I am here on this pulpit to ask for forgiveness and to repent from this wicked sin I’ve done and hidden for several years.…