The Scarlet Letter Test Essay

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The Scarlet Letter Test

1) Hester must wear the letter “A” on her clothing for the rest of her life. She also has to stand on a scaffold for 3 hours where the entire town can see her.

b. Some women of the town think that the magistrates were too easy on her and that she should’ve been killed, hot branded on her forehead, and another suggested pity.

2) In the first scaffold scene Dimmesdale shares her platform but not Hester’s humiliation.

b. Dimmesdale asks Hester to tell the name of the man who she committed adultery with.

3) The titles and names of the main puritan leaders are Mr. Roger Wilson the leader of the church and Governor Bellingham.

b. The puritans hope that enough guilt will be put into Hester to make her ask god to forgive her.

4) The secret that Dimmesdale keeps from the town regarding his relationship with Hester is that they are lovers and he is the man that committed adultery with her.

b. The secret that Chillingworth keeps from the town is that him and Hester are husband and wife.

5) Pearl is the “likeness of the scarlet letter” in the way she is dressed because it describes the scarlet letter with life. b. Pearls purpose is similar to the scarlet letter because she is a reminder of sin to Hester and the townspeople.

6) One example that the townspeople expressed their displeasure with Hester as an outcast would be when one said that she should have been given the death penalty. The second example would be when Hester is not allowed to do any type of needlework evolving bridal work.

b. It benefited her because she got stronger and didn’t care what other people thought.

7) The town leaders thought that Pearl would be a bad influence on Hester because they thought it would have been interfering with Hester’s rehabilitation or penance.

b. The town leaders believe that Hester would be a bad influence on Pearl because she was a fallen woman and they thought she would not be giving Pearl a proper religious education.

8) If the town leaders had taken Pearl away from her Hester, she would have gone down a dark path to the “black man” which is the devil.

b. Hester agrees that if the town leaders take Pearl away she in willing to leave.

9) Dimmesdale admits to being a fraud and that he is a sinner.
b. The words make Dimmesdale seem like a hypocrite because for so many years he’s been preaching not to be a sinner when he is the biggest sinner of all.

10) Pearl asks him of he will confess to the public someday.

b. Dimmesdale response was a definite “no” twice.

11) The “A” on Hester’s chest is starting to mean “Able” instead of “Adulterer” to most people.

b. Hester has taken responsibility for her actions. The town starts to forgive her. People start to think that the ‘A’ is “Able” not “Adulterer”.

12) Hester plans on going to Brazil to escape the burden of her punishment and the separation of her and Dimmesdale.

b. Hester wasn’t the sign to go on her front door in Rio to advertise her new business.

13) The change that…