The Scholarship Jacket By Marta Salinas

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Sometimes in society, people look up to other people who have money and power. Take Donald Trump for example, he knows nothing about politics and is just a wealthy businessman running for president, but people are voting for him, just because he has a lot of money which equals to power in this day and age. In the story, “The Scholarship Jacket” by Marta Salinas, a fourteen year old poor girl named Marta has been working very hard for a very long time to win valedictorian and the scholarship jacket, a jacket with beautiful school colors, but a girl whose father is richer and more powerful has a chance to take the jacket away from a hard-working girl. In the Scholarship Jacket, often people’s dedication to their goals are worth more than any amount of money and power. In the beginning of the story, we can make an early conclusion that Marta is very dedicated to achieving the goal of valedictorian and winning the scholarship jacket. In the story, we learn that in Marta’s small Texas middle school, the valedictorian of the eighth grade also wins a beautiful goal and green (their school colors) jacket. The quote, “I had been a straight A-student since the first grade and had looked forward very much to owning that jacket, (Salins 226)” let me see that she has been working so long …show more content…
“We couldn’t participate in sports, because there were registration fees, uniform costs, and trips out of town… (Salins 226)” This really puts in perspective how tough she actually has it, because most children in my school do not face this kind of problem. It shows me that she wants to get that goal so bad, because not only would she be smartest in the grade, but she would achieve her one and only chance of getting a school jacket. This makes me realize that she is so dedicated to winning that jacket, that she spent a lot of time to work towards that