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The film Avatar is much closer to reality than you think. There were many similarities between the Navi’s and Indians, but the story line also has some clues (that may or may not be obvious to some). First, the Na’vi in the movie were called savages he Na’vi warriors are trying to protect their sacred land from the invasion of Americans who are trying to take over their land to obtain a precious natural resource that is worth a lot of money, while the Native Americamy favorite, and last comparison I will draw between the Na’vi in the movie Avatar and Native Americans is the closeness and connection that both tribes have to their environment. In the movie, they even went as far as to have the Na’vi actually connect themselves to the horses and the other animals that they were riding. One ever-lasting stereotype of Native Americans is that they have a deep, personal connection to their environment and to animals.

The parallel between the "savage" stereotypes that the characters put on the original Na'vi tribe was simply because they had a different way of life and a different God. They were viewed as nothing. Native Americans were the first people to live in the Americas. They made their homes in North and South America thousands of years before Christopher Columbus reached the Western Hemisphere. For the most part, they were a peaceful people who lived simply. They fished and hunted animals in untamed forests, etc. But...the arrival of the white man quickly