The Scientific Method Essay

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The Scientific Method
Alona Bailey
University of Phoenix

The Scientific Method

The scientific method was applied in this activity by first witnessing the problem, I chose the car experiment. First the car did not start even though it was working fine the previous day. So I came up with a QUESTION: Why is the car not starting. Then I developed my HYPOTHESIS; the car is probably not starting because the battery might be dead. So if the battery is dead, I PREDICTED that the car might start after I charge the battery and check the connections. I then CONCLUDED that the vehicle did not start after checking the connections and charging the battery. The RESULTS were that the hypothesis was refuted.
Another HYPOTHESIS was stated; maybe the car won’t start because it needs fluids? So I again, PREDICTED that the car might start if I check the oil level or add gas. I then came to the conclusion that the vehicle still did not start after checking the levels of the fluids and adding gasoline. The RESULTS were that after adding fluids to the vehicle, my hypothesis was once again refuted.
A new hypothesis again needs to be developed. I HYPOTHESISED that the car might not be starting due to electrical problems. I PREDICTED that if I check the fuses and spark plugs, the car might start. I CONCLUDED that the car started after replacing the fuses. The RESULTS were that the car started after I replaced the fuses, therefore; my hypothesis is supported.
A real life problem where I have used the scientific method to solve a problem just occurred the other day,