The Scrap Desk Essay

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The Scrap Desk
It’s a lonely structure, made of small wooden shards and various broken pieces. It stands alone, old and worn out. The piece itself resembles a desk, but lacks the expected professional glamour. Can it be used? Perhaps it’s merely decoration, or maybe it really is just another sculpture in this art museum. It seems odd though. Out of place. There is something about this small desk-like shape that is entirely unique. It might be the way the curves are made of sharp edges, or how the legs are uneven. No, it’s the way that even after all the broken pieces seem too old or used, they still come together to create a masterpiece that stands tall and proud. When once insignificant details come together, something extraordinary and prideful takes its place. It takes a village to raise a child. Every old story teller, dog walker and soccer mom adds something to the way the child thinks. If one person entirely outnumbers the others, the resulting child is bland. They lack character, personality. That child needs a range of new and different things in order to be extraordinary. This small desk stands so proud among the vibrant and sparkling sculptures surrounding it. Those other creations have no resemblance of ever being truly loved, used, and cherished. That jagged, shabby shape has known a life of no regrets. Every piece has been used to the point of breaking. Every piece seems to have lost its true meaning because its former body no longer exists. Those broken wooden memories are nothing when left broken. The way they have come together to create something useable shows exactly what makes those pieces more than just little wooden shards. A story is made of thousands of words, yet all seem useless on their own. Still though, when they come together, what beautiful phrases they can become. Each piece of that desk was a piece of a story. Someone’s experience that became only a memory. The memory didn’t have to be life changing. Maybe those broken shards came from great grandma’s rocking chair, or dads old night stand. Its doesn’t really make a difference because when they have been worn into pieces, the objects they created cease to exist. When those now useless pieces come together, no matter what they create, it is something wonderful. In itself this little desk has