The Screwtape Letter Quote Analysis

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The word virtue possess several different meanings and means a significant amount to people. The reason for this is in life one of the largest traits good people acquire is virtue, which means several things, but an overall meaning is a trait that some one acquires to have good behavior. Ways people express virtue in their actions are through kindness, generosity, and self-control in their life. Virtue is a difficult trait to possess because everyone is human and always has their bad days. In the novel “The Screwtape Letters” letters 30 and 31 has insight on understanding our own growth in virtue, how the devil twists the idea of reality, and the idea on death, then heaven. In chapter 30 of “The Screwtape Letters,” Screwtape begins to talk …show more content…
For example in Genesis 3:1 when the serpent tells Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, she says God told them not to eat from the tree, but the devil tricks her and Adam into eating the fruit. This just goes to show that the devil can make an illusion that something is true but it really is a lie, just like he told her that if she eats the fruit she will become just like God. The devil and the divine see reality in two completely different ways, but the way that the divine sees it is that it’s own reality becomes our own reality through the eve an enjoyment He give us. For example in 1 John 5:20 we see God as the true one because we have experienced Him emotionally through the learning of the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection. This shows the divine reality is all truth and is not an illusion that the devil portrays. After learning the difference between the devil’s illusion and the divine reality, this helps you to understand the growth of faith and virtue. Once you understand the differences your are able to focus on God’s truth and His reality, which make you more faithful because you know he is the one and only savior. Once you become more faithful in Him you start to possess the trait of virtue, and when that happens you become a much better person all