The Second Amendment to the United States Essay

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The framers of the Constitution made sure that the citizens of this country could defend itself if needed. There is a continuing debate over the interpretation of the Second Amendment and whether or not it gives the individual the right to privately own guns and ammunition; although it seems to be clearly stated by the wording in the US Constitution "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." It is important for us to preserve our Second Amendment rights because this insures freedom and security to the citizens of America, allows people to defend themselves and others if necessary, also the fourteenth amendment was passed to protect all federal laws including the second amendment.
To begin with, when building this country, the framers of the Constitution saw the King of England as a tyrant and they wanted to keep that tyranny from spilling into America. So they were wise enough to know that an armed citizen was the only thing standing against oppression and governmental tyranny. During reconstruction after the civil war the union added three new amendments to the constitution. Many states passed laws that legally allowed slavery but the federal government wanted to abolish it completely. So in the fourteenth amendment they added that no state law could overrule any federal law. This was what won Dick Hellers case the District of Columbia vs. Heller. case is a perfect example of why the framers and law officials set up laws like the second and fourteenth amendment.
In addition the world's history, both old and recent, is full of massacres and oppression of people who are not armed There are hundreds, if not thousands, of documented cases show incidents where someone was attacked and was able to protect themselves with a gun. Gun control is cleaning up your neighborhoods while providing a safe work environment for your local burglars and rapists. The state law officials use times of Chicago is one of the leading cities in America for murder, in 1982 they passed a law that outlawed handguns. So the city had a high crime rate, so they prevent their law abiding citizens from being able to carry a compact gun so they can protect themselves? Most guns that gangbangers are illegally owned since they have a criminal record. The Chicago PD Reported that 78% of shootings and murders are gang related in their cities and that the weapons they use most of the time are unregistered, but yet they will not allow someone with no criminal record to walk the streets with no protection.
Furthermore, many states have passed laws that go against the federal laws. Even though these laws that are passed make thing legal or