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In the novel” Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel, is an intense story staged during the time of the Mexican Revolution. Although wars are fought for many reasons, the majority are for freedom. This is no different from the De La Garza family, another war wraths on in the boundaries of a family ranch and in the lives of the people who settle there. On Mama Elena’s ranch are daughters Rasaura, Gertudis, Tita, Nacha the cook and Chencha the maid. Their relationship has many similarities as to a revolution. Lots of anger, fighting and back in forth emotions. Blindly following a Tradition is a normal routine many of our cultures follow. Esquivel in this case presents us with an image of the Mexican culture and how quickly ones future is chosen before you even come into this world. Mama Elena is following one very important rule to her family tradition. The tradition is that the youngest daughter cannot marry so that she can watch over her mother until the day she dies. Tradition in one’s family can sometimes be the destiny in one’s life. In this case Tita the youngest of course, disagrees with her mother’s choice and how it’s been forced on her in such a harsh way. Mama Elena’s power in Like Water for Chocolate is so powerful she causes a somewhat like “revolution” between her and her family. Although there has been a lot of abuse, hearache and pain I believe that Mama Elena’s actions have only made Tita a stronger person. The novel follows Titas life from the day she was born, to the torture from her mother, to the triumph of her individuality.
Tita is the youngest daughter and is forbidden to have any kind of relationship with a man. Although she knows it’s wrong because her mother says so, she still has strong feelings for a young man named Pedro. Mama Elena having all the power has Tita on her toes about even looking at Pedro in any way. She spitefully has Pedro marry the eldest sister Rasuara. The feuding that goes on in the De LaGarza family mirrors the Mexican Revolution. The Mexican Revolution was about many different political views and beliefs on how the country should be governed. They all disagreed with each others views and fought each other for power. The same goes for this family. Tita has disagreed with Mama Elena and despises her for enforcing them on her. Tita also starts to despise Rasuara for accepting Pedro’s hand in marriage and having Esperanza care for her until she dies. Tita does many things to avoid these traditions and in a sense her actions can be compared to a rebellion. Each other’s views are completely different but deep down the love for one another is still there.
Mama Elena is a very strong woman who believes she needs no man in any way. I believe she has used Tita in place of a man. Her daughter Tita does everything a man can do. She is her maid, cook, daughter and punching bag all in one. Without Tita she would be lost. I’m sure there are many ways to look at it but was it completely wrong to raise her child to know how to care for herself and be a strong will powered woman? What mama wanted was a daughter that could cook, clean and do laundry. She also wanted someone who could keep the ranch going when she unable to. She knew very well Rasaura and Gertudis were always watched by herself and Nacha. They didn’t have the willingness or love for the kitchen like Tita. Being stern with Tita has molded her into a strong woman who not only Pedro wants but Dr.John as well.
When Tita was born and started to see she loved to be in the kitchen, Mama started to take time for herself. When she is hungry Tita goes out and kills the animal to cook. Although Tita must do all this, she takes pride in her cooking. She has come to realize that food is what holds memories .In Like Water for Chocolate, it significantly shows that food not only connects a family together physically; it also connects generations and ties in the history of the family. The narrator emphasizes the fact that