The Second Punic War Essay

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The second Punic war –Latin

Dear mum,

I know you must be worried about me however I am fine the battle was deadly for both sides; we got ambushed at Lake Trasimene in Italy by the Carthage a group led by the leader Hannibal. They killed 30,000 of my men. However, they had severe casualties
Over 55000 of those pigs. We lost with honour. The road was really long and dirty so we where all tired. I got promoted to a century I led my group to kill over 250 of those scum before we had to flee to the woods, this is why I must now make a new life because if I go back to Rome with the reputation I have a deserter like me wont last long. Please don’t tell the roman authorities where this letter came from I will send a messenger to give you all my most valuable items.

It all happened on the morning of June 21st when we where all walking along the northern edge of the lake when they sent the skirmishers to draw away the best from our group once this happened the main attack began, the Calvary came from nowhere my men where scared at the sight of there own brethren being mowed down like corn in a field this was devastating to our morale we had to make a desperate fight with hand to hand combat it took three hours of heavy combat to try and retreat two thirds of the men had no way of escape.

I was leading the roman advanced group and as soon as I saw the main army was nearly defected I killed the skirmishers and
Lead the rest of the men into the forest to escape death. They had